Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3/15/17 = Slice of Life (A "Biography" in Numbers)

Stumped for a little writing idea, but overheard a prompt (Thanks, Lisa for the inspiration):  Start with numbers 1-10, and tell a little something about how each number applies to you!

Here goes!
1 - Sweet little boy named Wesley (aka Wes, Wessy, WessyBooBoo, LittleMan and about a thousand other names.)
2 - Silly brothers - Too far away, in Minnesota and Illinois.  It's such fun to hear about them as fathers now, all grown up.
3 - Part of a great trio of gals teaching first grade.  I have the best "team", truly.
4 - Loving parents/grandparents.  Both inlaws and my own, they are so very generous and helpful to both Danny and I, as well as little Wes.  We are so grateful for their time, and appreciate the long distances they travel to be with us!
5 - Years of sweet, loving marriage.  I am married to the most self-less, kind, respectful, gentle, strong husband, Danny.
6 - (Stumped!  To be continued!)
7 - "Bedtime" for little one.  While I dread this time each night, because I have to step away from my little bundle of shenanigans and cuddles, I also feel a wave of relaxation rush over me as my arms are back to being mine, my ever-listening ears can take a break, and my brain can finally begin to wind down.
8 - (Stumped! To be continued!)
9 - 9th year at St. Anne's Belfield - WOW!  It seems like just yesterday I was applying for a job, in the old building.  My how things have changed.
10 - Feet!  My big, old feet are tens.  ;)

That was harder than I'd expected, but fun and easy after being stumped for a starting topic.  Hoping for a bit more inspiration tomorrow!


  1. Such a creative idea!! I might have to steal it. #4 is especially sweet! Sounds like a great life :)

  2. Aw Heidi- I just learned so much about you! Nine years here? Wow- that has gone fast! I love your #7- because I remember feeling all those same things at bedtime for the girls.

  3. You made this really work for you. It reveals so much.
    Maybe 6 could be Wes's favorite bedtime ritual at 6:00 and 8:00 be what you are doing once hes's asleep? I'd love to hear each of those :)

  4. What a great idea - but I am sure it is harder than it looks!

  5. Oh, I love this!! Definitely saving for a future slice :)
    P.S. are you at the St Anne's Belfield in Charlottesville?? I used to attend a summer camp there when I was a kid, and a friend of mine was the middle school theatre teacher! Small world!

  6. I'm gonna try this idea, too, but I can't possibly follow the 1-10 rule. Mine will be a list of random numbers...haha! Sounds like you have a sweet life!