Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3/1 = Slice of Life (Where has the confident writer gone?)

My first blog post... Ever.  And shared with complete strangers at that!  It's a odd feeling and a strange thought.  Last night, as I pondered what my first post might be about, I tried to put myself in my students' shoes.  What might they be feeling about their Slice of Life posts?  What excitements might they be feeling?  Anxieties?

I began worrying then about my own writing.  Would it be good enough?  Would I be doing it right?  What if I make a giant, embarrassing mistake?  And then, in a snap, my thoughts were back to my students.  Would they be feeling similarly?  If not, when does this common worry or anxiety begin?  Why do so many people feel the reluctance to share?  I recall being so proud of my writing as a child.  In fact, my mother recently brought a box of what she calls "goodies" to offload on me as she attempts to downsize her belongings.  Included in these goodies was a small, pink journal, complete with drawings and stories I'd written in 3rd grade.  On the inside of the front cover, I'd written that I hoped to be a writer when I grew up.  Who was that confident girl and where has she gone?  Clearly, I'm feeling quite the opposite now!  What happened between third grade and thirty-five? 

I'm hoping that through this Slice of Life process, I can find, er, REfind my confidence as a writer.  I hope to be able to share the confidence and joy I once felt, with my students. And you, reader, be patient with me as I put myself out there, just as my students are doing today and everyday this month.


  1. Yay for you Heidi. And this is why teachers of writers should write. You gain invaluable insight into all of the thoughts and emotions that run through our young writers' minds. You will have plenty to write about- especially all of those lovely moments at home.

  2. I wrote yesterday about the impact a fellow blogger had on my writing life. Finding this writing community was one of the best gifts I have ever received. Trust me when I say, they help the doubts go away! Welcome!